The Study Hall Visualizes A Digital ‘Renaissance’

The Octagon Is Basis For Logo and Branding

Let’s be real: most of the time, people are better off buying a cat than an NFT. Especially for those who are not a  millennial, it can be hard to break into or understand or purchase digital assets. In response, Pylons is seeking to build simple and intuitive tools to create and purchase digital items, as well as to rebrand itself in collaboration with Oakland CA design firm  Study Hall.

Pylons hopes to be the mainstream vault for digital property, the default tool for minting digital art, and the gateway to bring that property into virtual worlds all over the metaverse. Seeing as this is the start of a digital renaissance, the new branding by The Study Hall evokes and references architecture from the renaissance. This includes focusing on the octagon, a basic renaissance architectural shape, as a portal for the future of digital assets.

Agency officials explain: “[Our] strategy was to apply the concept of the renaissance and the art movement constructivism into creating this revolutionary way of interacting with digital property… Pylons vision is to propel the combinatory power of art and technology as a force for positive progress. Inspired by the renaissance and the art that came out of the era we used the octagon as a base to construct the logo.”