Trollback Reshapes Culture of Sound

Branding and design studio Trollbäck+Company has created an identity for IRIS, a next-gen audio technology start-up promising nothing less than revolutionizing the way we see, live, and experience sound. The designers delivered a brand foundation, logo and visual identity to position IRIS’ technology as ushering in a new era of “Active Listening.” By communicating all of the ways IRIS is working to ignite a movement to “Listen Well” – from improving sound quality and dynamics to its parallels with the future of wellness, science, and sustainability – the Trollback firm is supporting the IRIS brand from concept to market, as well as attracting funding and interest in its initial investment and planning phases.


The logo, color palette, and visual identity are said to work together to paint a picture of a modern and connected world of living sound. In the logo and lettermark, two interlocking pieces of the IRIS ‘s’ represent the formation of a living system, the internal and external, and the intersection of immersive technology and progressive biology. An accompanying visual identity, brought to life by a Fibonacci-inspired system of layouts, textures, and colors helped further define that vision.


The logo is now featured across a vast array of IRIS-designed products, from app buttons to internal speaker design to custom Red Bull Racing headsets created for the brand’s official audio partnership with Aston Martin.