Covidesign Spotlight: You Know The Drill!

 Award-winning graphic designer Donna Bonavita of Bonavita Design, like other creative people who are using their talents to address Covid-19 challenges, has created this piece to call attention to the important need for dentists to return to work helping patients BUT who cannot obtain proper testing before treatment because of official ignorance and intransigence. 

You Know the Drill!

Getting tested is like pulling teeth (or is it?) 

Hey dentists, the risks to you skyrocket high!
Why couldn’t the gov get a proper supply
Of testing for patients or even good masks
When open-mouthed drilling’s your primary task?
So what’s then to happen when toothaches appear?
Seems that social distancing can’t help much here!
With no prior testing to patients you meet
How many will pass Covid on that you treat?
With mouths open wide, you’ve no place to hide,
As aerosols spread through the office inside.
And what of the staff and next patient appointments
Will everyone then need their last rites anointments?
So why aren’t officials now calling to wait
For testing, then treatment before it’s too late!
The next time I’m scheduled, (in hopes to survive)
First test me, then treat me, so we both stay alive!
Please contact your Governor, Senators, and Congressional
Representatives to make them aware of this critical situation.
There’s strength in numbers!