Geletka+ Visualizes Blockchain Pioneer’s Forward-Thinking

60 Day Time Frame

Kadena, a pioneer in blockchain and smart contract technology, reveals a rebranding initiative aimed at reflecting the company’s evolution, commitment to innovation, and expanding range of solutions. The new branding, showcased through a revamped logo, website, and marketing materials, embraces a modern and sleek design with geometric shapes and vibrant color, that communicates Kadena’s forward-thinking approach to blockchain technology.



The rebrand was developed in partnership with Geletka+ which has been named Kadena’s inaugural Agency of Record. The partnership not only aims to further enhance the visual identity, and introduce a human touch into the messaging, but also to accelerate the company’s expansion within the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. According to agency officials, the program was executed within a 60-day timeframe marked by a high degree of collaboration and iteration in live work sessions on Figma. In addition, Geletka+ is leading a mix of initiatives beyond brand and traditional marketing all aimed at building a strong community within the space.



Comments: Mike Herron, Chief Marketing Officer at Kadena: “Geletka+’s collaborative model as well as its experience in web3 stood out in the market… We needed a partner who could join the team, work fast and help us bring the story to the market fast.” Adds John Geletka: “We’re humbled to be named as AOR. The people at Kadena are as impressive as the technology they built. More than that, we feel like part of the team already, working together to tell the real story of Kadena to the world.”