Hinterland Designs SVA Book With No Beginning, Middle or End

Scott Buschkuhl of Hinterland recently conceived and designed a book for The School of Visual Arts. The School of Visual Arts’s Senior Library is a longstanding tradition, a portrait of the work of Design and Advertising students at SVA as they are just about to embark on their careers. This year’s edition of the Library conceptually expands on the Choose Your Own Adventure children’s book series, with the reader given multiple ways to navigate the book.


The jacket doubles as a poster with a visual index of the students on one side and an alphabetical index on the other. Buschkuhl, Principal and Creative Director of the New York-based multidisciplinary design studio, notes that “if you prefer to just flip through the pages, information in the gutter will lead you to additional work from that student.


By design, there is no true beginning, middle or end. The experience is non-linear, just like a designer’s education, design-thinking, career, and life after graduation.”