IHOP Turns Frown Upside Down

A new logo by Studio Tilt for IHOP has a cleaner, more modern look, with a happy smile that evokes an emoticon. It is the latest move in an ongoing refresh of the nearly 60 year old brand. The new logo turns the O and P into a smiley face and drops the blue and red that once framed the type. “Our guests have told us for many years that coming to IHOP, and in many cases just thinking about our world famous pancakes, makes them smile,” states marketing vice president Kirk Thompson.


“We believe this new logo captures the essence of the IHOP experience, which consistently delivers our guests not only craveable food, but also great memories shared with family and friends.” The logo is being rolled out on the chain’s website, merchandise and menus. In addition to Studio Tilt, creative credits for the new identity program go to: Blacktop of Kansas City for Menu Design; MRM/McCann New York for Digital/Social/Mobile; and Dailey & Associates for Advertising/TV Animation.