Jan Sabach Gives His All At Take Magazine

Renowned designer Jan Šabach is art directing a new magazine — printed(!) he enthuses —  called Take.  The magazine features “great original content and art that deals with non-mainstream culture and subcultures in New England.” Each print issue of Take will be a design object that presents the people making and defining the next wave of creativity in New England. The broad editorial footprint covers leaders in visual arts, music, design, architecture, literature and poetry, dance and movement, food and beverage, fashion and theater – all over New England. The award-winning Czech-born graphic designer and creative director also runs Code Switch, a design studio in Northampton MA.


The latest issue of Take has cover art by signpainter and artist Will Sears. Sears he painted a map of New England to represent a “Culture Map.” Then he cut up the map and rearranged the squares to create a new work that signifies Take Magazine’s first issue with a theme: The Analog Issue. An animated version of the cover art is included for the online edition. Take Magazine publisher is Michael Kusek and Editor-in-chief is Lauren Clark. Concludes Jan: “Understandably, I couldn’t believe my luck to work in printed magazine (supported by an equally great online edition) and I’d like more people to know about this.”