JKR Rebrands A More Accessible Manischewitz

Reaching Out To The Culturally Curious

Manischewitz is rebranding to extend its appeal beyond the kosher aisle and across generations. The over 130-year-old food vendor – known for matzo, macaroons, egg noodles and gefilte fish – has a new look and logo, all against the backdrop of a warmer color palette of orange, yellow and brown.  The brand worked with agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) to create a fun and welcoming refresh, and has launched an ad campaign promoting the changes ahead of the late-April Passover holiday selling season.



States Shani Seidman, CMO of client Kayco: “In an effort to update the cultural relevancy with a younger Jewish audience as well as mainstream culturally curious audience, we have refreshed our brand with an exciting new look and feel on our current and new product offerings. Manischewitz is not just about food; it’s about stories, heritage, and a sense of belonging. Through this rebranding, we aim to capture the hearts of the culturally curious and kosher-keeping alike, offering a taste of Jewish tradition that’s accessible to all.”



To help welcome and educate younger Jewish – and non-Jewish – consumers, Phonetic spellings of Yiddish phrases are being included, the new logo and palette aim to be more inviting, and the website is wryly sells merchandise like a schlep tote bag and a “Man I Shvitz” tank top. In addition, photographer Yechiel Orgel helps bring recipes to life, New Yorker-esque illustrations appear, and the brand is taking on a verbal identity based around three touchstones: an opinionated Jewish grandmother, Jerry Seinfeld, and a loquacious foodie.