LA Girls School Branding Blends Artemis and Aegis

The Archer School for Girls has reintroduced itself to the city and the world with a new brand identity, marking a milestone for the Los Angeles CA-based school devoted to intentional education through which girls discover and pursue individual excellence. Developed in partnership with Design Bridge and Partners, the rebrand hopes to capture what has long been celebrated inside the gates — a school at the intersection of traditional and contemporary education.



Reflecting a commitment to reimagining all-girls education, the identity aligns with Archer’s mission to nurture fearless inquiry, compassion, and resilience that girls need. The brand evokes the symbolism of Artemis, from Greek mythology, and the “aegis,” a protective shield to reflect a secure environment.



A system of icons represents the breadth of the students’ activities and goals. Constellation elements are paired with star elements, which bring vibrancy and modernity. Primary colors, Stone and Evergreen, symbolize foundational support and growth potential. Secondary colors like Palm, Pink, Sunset, and Sunrise represent growth, the divine feminine, Los Angeles sunsets, and limitless potential. The new brand emphasizes the significance of joy as a fundamental catalyst for ambition, encourages reflection, champions the exploration of personal edge, prioritizes effective teaching, and nurtures leadership skills.



“At first glance, Archer’s new brand evokes a traditional, prestigious school,” says Marlee Bruning, Creative Director at Design Bridge and Partners. “But then you look a bit closer and you see that this isn’t your average school – you see the vibrant colors cutting through, the dynamism of a moving logo, the modern content of the icons. The design reflects the school and its unique iterative approach to education –  always researching, reflecting, adapting – it takes what’s great about classical education, and marries it with a cutting edge modernity.”