LBB Aces Virtual Golf Club Brand

Little Big Brands has created the branding for the opening of a virtual golf club, Rock Pile Golf Club. Opening this summer in Greenwich, CT, Rock Pile Golf Club features indoor bays with state-of-the-art simulators and world-class golf instruction from the Michael Breed Golf Academy. Members not only have an immersive golf experience, but also enjoy the overall Club experience, including a full bar and corporate event space.



LBB was involved from top-to-bottom, creating Rock Pile’s brand identity to attract and appeal to high-net-worth individuals to be members. The designers created all the graphic elements from the logo, color palette, typography, and supporting marketing material.



The black & white mark has a unique 16-dot logo intended to bring an aura of mystique and exclusivity. The 16-dot composition was inspired by the club’s namesake, an abstract aerial view of the pyramid-shaped pile of golf balls often seen at the driving ranges of private clubs.



LBB’s work extended beyond the graphic elements for Rock Pile, to bring the brand to life throughout the physical space as well. They partnered with Rock Pile’s interior design team to ensure the branding was integrated into the decor inside the club, creating a seamless aesthetic and elevated visual experience for members.



LBB also developed a custom 3D CGI animation “fly through” of the club interior to bring the club to life prior to completion. This animation was instrumental in marketing the club to new members while the space was under construction.



“As an avid golfer, this was a dream job,” said John Nunziato, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of LBB. “Being able to help imagine this club from the ground up was really exciting. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary, while being warm and inviting. The ideal place to get away from the world for a few hours and work on your game.”