Quick Read For Cat Litter Package

Little Big Brands SpeaksTo The Human/Feline Bond

On National Poop Day (February 12, in case you missed it), World’s Best Cat Litter, marketed by Kent Pet Group, shared the scoop on their new brand redesign and product launch. In addition to a completely redesigned product portfolio, the brand is launching Poop Fighter Maximum Odor Defense, a natural and sustainable cat litter designed to eliminate odors. The client tapped New York-based brand design firm Little Big Brands for the work.



Consumer research informed the redesign, identifying current equities and elements the brand could walk away from, as well as providing insights on consumer mindset and needs. The brand identity was completely reimaged and is now a dominant, telegraphic element on and off pack. A fresh new color palette brightens up the pack and the addition of crisp white adds to the promise of cleanliness. The cat imagery is now approachable and engaging, and speaks to the human/feline bond, drawing the consumer in. Hero claims are celebrated and the pack clearly organized for a quick read.



Non critical information was moved to back of pack to tell a more complete brand story. The collection of design elements gives the brand a stronger presence at shelf as well as creating more of an emotional connection with the consumer.The brand identity was completely reimagined and is now a dominant, telegraphic element on and off pack.

“This stuff is the shhh… bomb,” says Ben Glotzer, senior creative director, Little Big Brands. “Any brand that calls itself ‘world’s best’ had better back it up, and World’s Best Cat Litter® does it in spades. Our team scratched way below the surface to help elevate and modernize the brand.” Concludes Brooke Tjaden, Senior Associate Brand Manager, Kent Pet Group: “There is no doubt that we are number one at number two, and now our packaging reflects that brand category leadership,”