Measured Summit Will Explore Impact of Design on Health Care

Does human centered design lead to better health outcomes? Does it make patients smarter and more informed? Can it make health care companies more innovative and successful? Can it improve delivery of products and services? The Measured Summit — taking place January 24, 2017 at the SVA Theatre in NYC — sets out to help you find a way to measure the impact of design for social good. Maggie Breslin, one of the presenters has spent over a decade as a designer and researcher in the healthcare space, including 7+ years at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation before becoming Co-director of The Patient Revolution, an action and advocacy movement for careful and kind patient care, will be on hand to share best practices and how The Patient Revolution measures results.

Designers are working now, more than ever before, to create design solutions for social issues. To better understand the effectiveness of social design, the conference chairs, Cheryl Heller, Chair, Design for Social Innovation, SVA and Mark Randall, Principal, WorldStudio planned the summit as a way to offer an engaging learning experience while providing attendees with practical information that is applicable to their organizations and practices. Measured isn’t a typical conference of ideas, inspiration and innovation (though it looks like there will be plenty of those) it’s a summit where leading funders and practitioners learn, share and create tools.

During the conference attendees should gain clarity about what social design is, a shared understanding of how it is being used by leading organizations and practitioners, an overview of current evaluation methods, as well as ideas for how to apply design and how to measure its results in your own work. While this is not your average gathering, one would expect that attendees will come away with new friends and colleagues who care about using design to solve social and business challenges.