Mother Design Brands Self-Hypnosis App

Identity Built On Heightened Focus

Self-hypnosis app reveri has launched a new brand identity crafted by Mother Design to mark its entry into the health-tech category. Reveri was co-founded by psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel, and Silicon Valley investor and technology leader Ariel Poler, starting in the US in 2020. Now, with an ever-growing community, reveri has its sights set on rapid growth.

Reveri approached Mother Design to create an identity that broke down the traditional conventions of the wellness industry and communicated the brand proposition – defining self-hypnosis as a potentially  impactful new category. The results highlight the positive outcomes and benefits of the discipline, while also supporting the functionality and user interface of the product at the heart of the brand.



At the core of Mother Design’s strategic approach was the recognition that self-hypnosis represents a state of heightened focus, rather than a loss of control. The strategic positioning encourages a fresh perspective that recognizes its value and power as a tool for personal empowerment and growth, and challenges prevailing stereotypes, societal stigmas and negative connotations.

The design builds on this concept of clarity and focus, using it to define the entire brand world and permeating all aspects of the user experience; from the in-app interface to reveri’s own channels such as website and social. It is articulated through blur treatments across the logotype, gradients in the color system and the use of extreme depth of field in art direction.



The reveri logotype is also designed to evoke a sense of ‘work in progress’ embodying the spirit of personal growth and transformation. It is set in lowercase to put emphasis on the tittle of the ‘i’, with its blur treatment providing a clear point of focus. The logo is accompanied by a supporting symbol, the ‘reveri beacon’, expressing a sense of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Louise Troen, Chief Marketing Officer at reveri, comments: “We’re determined to challenge the misconceptions of hypnosis, because we know and have seen through our community how immediate the benefits can be. Building a brand ecosystem which allowed us to communicate the power of  this incredible practice was vital, in parallel with making the in-app experience as easy to navigate as possible.”