New Colors for Pantone: New Possibilites for Jessica Walsh, Chip Kidd + Eddie Opara

Pantone has launched 112 New PANTONE Colors for graphic design. The addition brings the total color count of their graphic design PANTONE PLUS SERIES to 1,867 colors. The motivation? To offer the most comprehensive palette for the design community, at a time when digital transformation is driving new, visual forms of expression and color is a key element that inspires and enables creativity.


To celebrate the addition of the new hues, Pantone collaborated with leading designers:


Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh


Book cover designer Chip Kidd


Eddie Opara of Pentagram

Each designer created new, original works inspired by the 112 new colors. The digital works will roll out on Pantone’s Instagram page in a campaign titled, “New Colors, New Possibilities” marked with the hashtag #PantoneNewColors.

“Color is a visual cue that draws us to establish a connection with our environment and the things we love,” said Kathryn Shah, VP of Marketing Pantone. “Digital tools have become a prominent part of everyday life, causing a societal shift in the way we communicate. Color breaks through the noise, commanding our attention, conveying a mood or style, and enabling expression of unique identities for individuals and brands alike. That’s what this palette and our new campaign are about – exploring creative expression through endless color.”


Leveraging trend-spotting intelligence from Pantone Color Institute™, the new palette incorporates key design trends across industries, but also serves as an important signifier of new cultural and social influences on the overall movement of color. During product development, Pantone surveyed hundreds of designers across graphics, packaging, print and web design. The findings indicated a desire for more Blushes, Blues and Neutrals, representative of the simplified design aesthetic that has been building since White became an iconic symbol of functionality and clean design. In addition, the deepening of Red, Orange and Brown shades reflect a shift toward earth-driven and organic lifestyles, while also conveying the new luxury of living well. As individuals feel less inhibited by their color choices, bright and bold shades encourage designers to explore, imagine and be playful. The result is a comprehensive color palette, say Pantone officials, looks and feels familiar but also fresh, engaging and exciting.


PANTONE PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE and related products are available via the Pantone website and Authorized Pantone Dealers. In addition, X-Rite will simultaneously release all 112 Pantone Master and Dependent Color Libraries through PantoneLIVE, a cloud-based solution available through subscription.