Odgis + Co Offers Snapshot Of University’s Financial Health

Odgis + Co. worked with Rockefeller University on their 2022 Financial Annual Report, which offers a snapshot of the university’s flourishing financial health — the bedrock that enables their continued leadership and excellence in biomedical research and education.

The institution came to Odgis + Co. looking to refresh their report and create a concise executive summary that captured the year’s most outstanding accomplishments. In previous years, they had struggled with redundant information appearing in both their Seek Magazine publication and their annual reports; one goal was to separate the two publications to avoid the duplication. To that end, Odgis suggested using the inside back cover as a teaser to preview what to look forward to in the next issue of Seek.


For the financial report itself, the cover design uses hairline numerals illustrating how “22” echoes and reverberates, emphasizing the significance of this year. On the back cover, the campus along the East River is displayed as hard-edged abstract line art.



In contrast to the angular campus map, cell-like, circular line art is portrayed on the inside front cover, revealing key quantitative information which helps summarize the story. Colorful infographics support the narrative throughout the report.