Ogilvy Reimagines Itself With Help From COLLINS

Legendary agency Ogilvy is rebranding, complete with new visual identity, logo, and organizational design. But Ogilvy did not arrive at this “re-founding” moment alone. Over the course of the past 18 months, the COLLINS brand experience design company played an integral role in reimagining Ogilvy’s identity and design system and helping to redefine the new Ogilvy brand direction – a simple, client-first value proposition.



The COLLINS-Ogilvy partnership is unique because Founder & CCO Brian Collins spent a decade at Ogilvy as CCO of the Ogilvy design and brand experience division prior to founding his namesake design firm in 2008. As a result, say officials, “the COLLINS team has a deep understanding and appreciation for the Ogilvy brand and its experience, which is apparent in the new visual identity.” The project includes everything from redesigning the Ogilvy website and overhauling the visual identity, to redefining the company’s core values and reimagining how Ogilvy defines the totality of its work.