HUSH Welcomes Michael Burkin

Experience design firm HUSH welcomes Michael Burkin as the Director of Growth. Burkin has had an extensive career creating and nurturing trusted relationships with colleagues and clients alike: before joining HUSH, Burkin worked for strategy, design and technology company Reaktor; served as a Partner and Managing Director of Stockholm-based design studio Doberman; and as VP of strategic design company Smart Design, he helped to scale the company to three locations. Notable projects include the Aida calculus app for Pearson, the recent design of the MoMA website, Smart Design’s NYC taxi experience, and the SMART pediatric growth chart app for Harvard Medical School. Building on these experiences, Burkin says that he believes there are areas for HUSH to open up the conversation and talk about experience in a broader way, from brand installations that signal a company’s vision or mission to multi-channel experiences that are integrated into a corporate campus or cultural space. HUSH Founding Partner David Schwarz adds: “I feel that Michael has demonstrated a great ability to think of growth as a multi-faceted endeavor, relying on the entire team to be successful and cognizant of how growth impacts a creative organization for good and bad. He’s client and partner focused but also knows that having a strong culture, supported people, and internal strength is the only way to deliver on growth and we’re so excited for an expert to help lead us forward.”