Ragged Edge Identity Destigmatizes Mental Health In Workplace

Strategic branding agency Ragged Edge has unveiled a rebrand for Unmind, a global platform that hopes to reinforce Unmind’s mission of empowering employers to prioritize the mental well-being of their employees, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce.



Unmind provides companies with a  platform that offers a wide range of resources, tools, and training programs to enhance mental health support within organizations. With its revamped brand identity, the platform aims to help destigmatizing mental health in the workplace. Ragged Edge’s creative vision embraces a contemporary visual identity, characterized by vibrant colors, bold typography, and a harmonious blend of abstract shapes that communicates the promise of positive change within corporate environments.



The rebrand extends beyond the visual elements, encompassing a complete user experience, where statistics and real-time data visualization, tap into how people are feeling at that very moment.  A new logotype has been hand-crafted to combine human warmth with credibility.



As the spotlight increasingly turns towards the significance of mental health, Unmind’s rebrand stands as a testament to the role businesses can play in creating a healthier and more supportive future for their workforce.