‘The Cascade’ Helps Tell Samsung Streaming Story

DixonBaxi Rebrands Samsung TV Plus

DixonBaxi has collaborated with Samsung to create a visual identity for Samsung TV Plus that reflects its growing roster of popular channels, a substantial library of premium content, and improved cross-device experience. The brand is built around the idea of “everyday extraordinary.” Says Jed Carter, Design Director at DixonBaxi: “The brand system was designed to look and feel easy, slick and dynamic, and is flexible enough to work in just about any space – reflecting the ease of use of the Samsung TV Plus product and supplementing the wider Samsung brand.”



“The Cascade” is a visual device at the heart of the new identity, representing the ability of Samsung TV Plus to exist seamlessly across every type of screen. As the driving force of the brand, “the Cascade” takes viewers on unexpected journeys with a playful energy that is intended to facilitate storytelling and amplify content.



The logo is also born of “The Cascade,” standing as a visual invitation to explore the wider TV Plus service, featuring bold colors and an iconic silhouette. A new color palette features signature pink, blue and orange; the core colors are directly tied to the wider Samsung ecosystem, but with a dialed up vibrancy that adds energy to the TV Plus brand, while the black and white base palette balances out the system and helps makes typography clear.



A flexible motion approach amplifies the simplicity of the product. From fluid sequences, to shapes that flutter and overlap in a cloud of color, the motion behaviors reveal an ever-growing library of content. The new tagline “Just switch on” summarizes the ease and immediacy of TV Plus whose many message is “The best of TV. All for free.” And the project concludes with a mnemonic identity created in partnership with Zelig for the opening and closing sequences of the app. The distinct 4-beat signature is a melodic swell of sound resolved in a clear endnote.