Scholastic and Moonsub Shin Empower Children

Artist Moonsub Shin, under the direction of Scholastic’s corporate design team, has created whimsical artwork that has become the foundation of visual branding for Scholastic’s current companywide mission statement and reading initiative Open a World of Possible which encourages parents, teachers and schools to let children choose their own books to discover the power and joy of independent reading.


Despite the challenges of illustrating the abstract concept of how reading the right books opens a world of great understanding, self-motivation and joy, Moonsub’s dynamic illustrations have become instrumental to help Scholastic’s audiences, including families, children and educators, visualize the power of a child discovering the perfect book. Moonsub’s pen and pencil technique and integration of color in illustrations, captures the campaign’s main messages of “playfulness,” “joy” and “discovery.”



Shin’s sketches portray diverse characters in various situations, demonstrating all children have the opportunity to discover a world of possible through reading. Billy DiMichele, Scholastic, VP Creative Development said, “Moonsub’s illustrations perfectly capture the spirit of ‘Open a World of Possible’ and how imagination and discovery empower children to become lifelong readers and learners.” Scholastic also commissioned Moonsub to illustrate its annual Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, the Annual Report cover, company holiday card and other corporate divisions.