StubHub Downplays Tickets In New Branding Campaign

Contending that the richest moments in life are becoming less about the things people own and more about the experiences they share, StubHub has unveiled a new vision and a brand identity to go with it. According to the company that has made its name as a ticket seller in the secondary market, the “experience economy” represents an opportunity to evolve the company’s strategic direction and double down on four key pillars — mobile, social, personal, and global. The focus will be less on ticket sales and more on end-to-end event involvement.



Duncan/Channon, the lead creative agency for StubHub, reportedly has been working on the new logo since last summer. The identity update includes removing the two tickets from the former logo’s exclamation point.  According to Bridget Burton, head of brand management and creative for StubHub, the design change fits the strategy. For the sake of functionality, StubHub wanted a logo that would scale easily from a mobile platform to a large sign in the middle of a baseball field. While it primarily will be used in blue, the company will reportedly broaden the color palette with a new campaign this fall.


“The live events industry continues to evolve alongside a new experience economy, which places a premium on connecting to one-of-a-kind experiences and sharing memories with each other,” says Scott Cutler, president of StubHub. “StubHub’s new vision reflects our approach to these preferences and behaviors, and how StubHub is charting a path to be more mobile, social, personal and global.”