Switzerland Tourism Refreshes Brand

Zurich Agency Features Swiss Cross

After almost 30 years, Switzerland Tourism has a new look. The new brand identity features a Swiss cross in place of the letter T, and is intended, says Director Martin Nydegger, to project trustworthiness, optimism and a forward-looking vision. The previous “Goldenflower” symbol (see below) has been in use since 1995.



The new look aims to redefine Swiss tourism promotion, accompanying travelers from inspiration to planning and throughout the journey itself. The symbolic cross is also said to go far beyond just a national  flag: it has been given a so-called “color tone” of five different shades of red, intended as a symbol of  modernity, diversity and independence.



Creative credit goes to Zurich agency MADE Identity. MADE says they were asked to focus on three main areas: making the brand more visible internationally through consistent application and by expressing “Switzerland” exclusively in English; emphasizing maximum impact across media including digitally; and presenting the brand at all touchpoints throughout the travel experience.