The Powerful Role PRINT 17 Plays in the Impact of Design

Many large and small brand owners struggle to design and deliver content that drives quantitative results. The lack of enterprise-wide understanding of what great content looks and feels like is challenging. Finding a good educational source that enables success can be a daunting task. PRINT 17, a forum where marketing, media, printing and publishing visionaries share insights and experiences September 10-14, 2017 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, is a place that provides an enabling resource that offers you ideas for future success.

Spanning the entire graphic media realm of print, imaging, online and mobile, PRINT 17 will showcase the newest, most innovative and comprehensive exhibition of technologies and software that can be found in North America. You will learn to breakdown the historical silos and achieve fully-integrated, omni-channel marketing which is reshaping the creative world. The live equipment demonstrations across the show floor and the new product introductions highlight why print is a critical component of any customer-oriented, personalized marketing program.


The Learning Experience at PRINT 17

This year, PRINT 17 presents more than 50 education sessions that will shed light on topics ranging from design/creative process, packaging, marketing and sales, business growth strategies, new emerging technologies and more. These educational programs provide a systematic way to learn, view and analyze potential new methods to increase marketing ROI. They will be presented through a variety of formats, including a variety of sessions, panels, BIZ Talks, show-floor Learning Experience Theater presentations, and two “Distinguished Leader” speakers. The event will feature knowledgeable presenters on compelling topics, beginning with our trends and technology pre-show conference, OUTLOOK 17.


Here is a sampling of what is available: Distinguished Leader: Tod Szewczyk, VP, Director of Emerging Technology and Innovation of Leo Burnett: Tod Szewczyk provides insight to successfully integrate new technologies into marketing initiatives that create immersive and engaging brand experiences. His free session explores The Future of Technology, Advertising & People.

Other prominent speakers include:

• Trish Witowski, President of presents “That’s Fold-tastic!” and “Direct Mail Simplified”— two sessions on unique direct mail pieces that bring excitement to the recipient.

• In a hands-on lab, Ivan Bradley demonstrates the “A, B, Cs, and D of Adobe InDesign.”

• Son Do, of Creative Color offers “Best Practices for Content Creators.” This three-hour lab will take you through the steps of designing and maintaining consistent color for cross-platform marketing campaigns.

• During “Fads, Trends and Disruptive Technology,” Daniel Dejan teaches how to discern what these factors might mean to the marketing world. • Max Dunn from Silicon Publishing, delves into “10 DAMs from the InDesign Out,” making the best DAM choice to fit your creative workflow.

• Taz Talley, of Taz Talley Photography will speak on Mastering the Creative Suite and the Perfect Picture: Digital Photography and Adobe Lightroom for Print & Web.”

• Clemson University’s Erica Walker discusses “Using the Design Thinking Process” to innovate, inspire and address complex needs.


Networking, New Technologies and More

PRINT 17 isn’t just about learning from creative marketing thought leaders. Here is how you can take advantage of all the event has to offer:

• Network with Colleagues and Partners in the Industry.

The connections you make with colleagues, potential partners and vendors will lead to lasting friendships — and make a significant impact on your success. PRINT 17 offers many opportunities to introduce yourself, share, and learn throughout the event. Most importantly, it provides the venue for networking and idea sharing within our creative community.

• Discover the Latest Technologies at the Exhibition.

Your success hinges on knowing about the latest trends. In no other place will you see so many of the most advanced technologies, services and products as will be demonstrated at the PRINT 17 Exhibition. No other industry event brings together as many graphic media professionals in such close touch with each other — and with you — in one place. Don’t have time to see them all?

The “MUST SEE ‘EMS” provide a roadmap to see the most exciting new products onsite at the show, many of which will be seen for the first time in the U.S. These exhibits and products will guide you to the most compelling technologies and products to be found on the show floor. Don’t continue the struggle to learn the latest marketing innovations.

Come to PRINT 17 where the world’s leading graphic media professionals, brand owners, and creative marketing gurus are already planning to attend. This is YOUR chance to experience top-notch learning opportunities that will assist to define, assess and implement effective customized omni-channel strategies to maximize customer value. This is the “must-attend” event!