The Secret Little Agency Introduces ‘Long Bao’

2024 Is Year Of The Dragon

Every Chinese New Year, millions of red packets – 紅包 (hóng bāo in Mandarin) – filled with money are given out as tokens of good wishes, part of a tradition dating back to the Han Dynasty in 202 BC. The year 2024 marks the year of the dragon – a revered and often celebrated mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, symbolic of success, honor, and dignity and believed to be able to foster growth, progress, and abundance.



“The Chinese dragon (龙) is known and pronounced as ‘lóng’ or ‘loong’, so this dragon year, we decided to extend the red packet and make it long-er,” explains a spokesperson from The Secret Little Agency who were behind the creation. And so, the Long Bao was born. An homage to tradition and heritage balanced with modern elegant design, the exclusive run (1000 pieces) of the Long Bao is available and will be distributed to friends and partners of the agency both in Singapore and around the world.