Total Eclipse of Sun Yields Hot Stamp and Cool Folio

A colorful and inventive folio commemorates an extraordinary event occurring on August 21, 2017: For the first time in almost four decades, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from the U.S. mainland, sweeping across the width of the country and casting a 70-mile-wide shadow path.


The 6 x 9-inch folio displays a map of the eclipse’s journey, includes a translucent slip case — so you can re-create in your hands the phases of an eclipse — and includes a mint Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever® stamp is included in a mount affixed to the inside of the folio.


Credits to the USPS and Journey Group with Illustration by Script & Seal. Antonio Alcalá is Art Director/Designer of the stamp, which is printed with thermochromic ink so the heat from a finger reveals the Moon and when it cools the Sun returns.