Trollbäck Designs Paramount Pop Culture Destination

A Digital Offshoot From Paramount

Mixible is a digital offshoot of Paramount‘s other entertainment brands, specifically its flagship Hollywood program Entertainment Tonight and ET Live, targeting topical news and gossip. A curated collection of entertainment news and pop culture for a broad audience, Mixible is free on home television, Smart TV, desktop computers or any other number of supported devices.



Created by Trollbäck+Company, Mixible’s design boasts a hypnotic, playful aesthetic intended to capture the upbeat, entertaining nature of the content it reports on. Bo Bishop, executive director of creative strategy at Trollbäck+Company, says: “With media giants consolidating their content under their own digital umbrellas, flexible, genre-based brands are increasingly important.”



The design is a clean and simple typographic logo with a twist – the lowercase i is inverted to turn it into an exclamation mark – summing up the delight and enthusiasm of the offbeat platform. The X between the i and the ! forms a natural symmetry giving Mixible an elastic reach and allowing it to stretch and adapt to different design opportunities. “The result is a unique identity that attracts audiences’ attention,” says Erin Kilkenny, Associate Creative Director at Trollbäck+Company. “It’s also incredibly malleable, a deliberate ploy which opens the brand up to endless animated and graphical possibilities which can be exploited to create dynamic on-screen visuals.”



Mixible keeps things simple with a black and white striped aesthetic which aims to pull viewers in with its deceptive simplicity. This choice of colors acts as a neutral backdrop for other Paramount brands to be projected onto without the risk of them being drowned out.