Viceroy Helps Democratize Commercial Space Travel

Viceroy Creative, the full service design firm specializing in brand strategy, brand innovation and package design has helped rebrand the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, a lead voice for the commercial spaceflight industry. The goal of the rebrand is to democratize the idea of space to the public while providing “a sexy, cool and innovative” new look.


One of the agency’s first big tasks was to repackage the organization’s overall image, which included creating a more modern and welcoming logo and website. “We wanted to create an identity that would set a standard for the commercial space exploration industry,” explains David Moritz, CEO and Founder of Viceroy Creative. “Through the new Commercial Spaceflight Federation rebranding, we’re able to create a unique, sexy, and ownable identity that also has roots in a thrilling part of the space industry. We envisioned this rebranding and redesign to be sophisticated and alluring, but also thoughtful enough to be on par with a regulatory agency.” The Federation’s mission to make space exploration accessible to the general public while maintaining a level of prestige necessary for conducting such expeditions.

Old vs New Site


An additional goal, says is Moritz is to encourage marketers to work more closely with organization members to get involved in commercial space travel. The Commercial Spaceflight Federation currently has more 70 members.