Xhilarate Designs Key Reports For Crystal Stairs

Photos Of Real People Add Authenticity

Crystal Stairs, Inc., a Los Angeles-based pioneer in the field of childcare services, research and advocacy, collaborated with Philadelphia branding and design agency Xhilarate to produce two reports that it hopes bring to light the vital work and challenges faced by the organization and the communities it serves:



The Head Start Annual Report is described as an essential communication tool that delves into the realities of the Crystal Stairs, Inc., Head Start and Early Head Start Programs. The Crystal Stairs Impact Report is a celebration of positive change and recognition of its dedicated staff by illustrating the effects of Crystal Stairs’ programs on families, offering hope and support. The report, says the client, is pivotal for raising the organization’s profile within the community and amongst key stakeholders, including politicians, the media, and sponsors. The aim: to expand awareness, increase funding, and ensure the renewal and continuation of existing grants.



As with all Crystal Stairs’ collateral, to ensure authenticity and foster a connection with the communities served, real photos of individuals impacted by the programs were integrated into the reports. The reports are distributed in print to key donors and available as downloadable PDFs on Crystal Stairs’ website.
After touring the community that Crystal Stairs serves and visiting many of the Head Start sites, Russ Napolitano, partner, Xhilarate, said, “Our comprehensive approach included design exploration, development, and copywriting, ensuring that both reports effectively communicate the program’s impact on families and young children. This narrative is critical as it engages politicians, donors, sponsors, and partners, supporting the investment of government-funding that is essential for the program’s continued success.”