Affinity Creative Group Unleashes Sweet Design

Patco Brands, a family-owned and operated adult beverage company, engaged Affinity Creative Group to project attitude, whimsy, and memorability for a new concoction in the spirits aisle, Doughball Whiskey, a cookie dough flavored whiskey. The challenge: how to quickly communicate this unique offering in an increasingly crowded category of flavored whiskeys.



The branding and design agency, an award-winning firm that specializes in wine and spirits, created a pudgy, lovable, and regal bulldog to serve as an icon and portray the emotive essence of the brand. Combined with bold letterforms for the brand name and positioned on a big round field of dough, the distinctive label has high shelf impact. The Affinity Creative team also made sure to project authentic whiskey cues to support a premium price point. The total package aims to invite trial and encourage customers to “unleash their sweet side.”