Angus Hyland Brings Vintage Games Back To Life

Pentagram partner Angus Hyland  has created modern takes on two vintage games for the adult market. With Dazzleship Battleships and Rock Paper Scissors Bomb, Hyland and client Laurence King Publishing seek to “bring avant-garde aesthetics to physical gaming.” 


Dazzleship Battleships is a repurpose of the classic travel boardgame Battleships as a World War One naval battle. Hyland and team have weaved ‘dazzle camouflage’ throughout the game, from its box featuring a woodcut cover by Andrew Davidson, to its two playbooks set on redrawn nautical maps, and its accompanying booklet explaining the history of dazzle and its relationship to avant-garde art. Maria Hamer of Laurence King Publishing served as designer.



The other release, Rock Paper Scissors Bomb, reprises the popular children’s playground pastime as a card game for two, with the added twist of a bomb that destroys all other cards. Featuring design and illustration by Mads Berg, this interpretation brings a touch of Italian Futurism to card play.