Anthem Illustrations Add Authenticity To Ambient Soups

Anthem has designed a new range of 100% natural soups for Unilever’s Knorr. The range includes four flavors and has been launched across France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ambient — that is, shelf-stable — soup supermarket aisles across mainland Europe are marked by a “sea of sameness,” argues Anthem, heavily dependent on brick tetra packs and product photography. Knorr’s mission was to disrupt the uniformity using simple ingredients packaged in glass bottles, while remaining family friendly. States the firm: “Our choice of illustration style further supports the simple naturalness of the products — it’s wholesome yet vibrant, modest and beautiful. Taking inspiration from the chilled juice category, we used a shrink sleeve to amplify freshness cues — using the language of another category in both format and printing techniques to innovate and inspire change within a traditional one. The smart integration of the illustrations with the transparent windows brings a new level of authenticity to the products, used on both front and back of pack.”