Botanicals Featured in PROCure Packaging

PROCure is set to unveil a redesigned package line-up by NYC-based design firm The Goldstein Group (TGG). The product line is described as “a first-of-its-kind line of first aid products that effectively blend proven active ingredients with unique botanicals to achieve results above and beyond traditional monograph options.” The redesigned packages were crafted to break with past designs which, says Terri Goldstein, tended to recede from view and “camouflage” the products. Each new design prominently features the botanical ingredients. Explains Goldstein:  “When we were first introduced to the brand, it didn’t communicate it’s unique ingredient story and we couldn’t find it when we went to the stores. So, we started with a sound shelf strategy and translated that to a package design that not only grabs attention but can also be understood almost immediately.”



The redesigned lineup includes Hydrocortisone Cream, Bruise Remedy Gel, Epsom Salt Rub, Rosacare Face Cream and Witch Hazel Gel. Claudia Arisso, co-creative director at TGG, says that the natural additives  differentiated the brand and needed to be front and center. “We were inspired by the PROCure mantra – wonders of nature and the wisdom of science – and translated that into a brand package that communicates its natural position and scientific efficacy.” When consumers shop, Goldstein notes, color is the first thing they notice, with shapes and symbols next. Thus, the design firm introduced new colors into monochromatic categories. “We made PROCure’s Hydrocortisone cream a fresh green color to separate it from famously red brands like Cortizone 10,” she said, “and transformed Bruise Remedy into a distinctive periwinkle blue.” Jessica Donoghue heads PROCure Marketing.