BrandFire Plans Big Things For Little Bird

BrandFire, the Chicago IL-based creative agency, recently took on a small local chocolate brand with the goal of taking them country-wide. Little Birds’ issue wasn’t with the quality and tastiness of their chocolate products, but more so with their scattered array of confectionary options and, says BrandFire Co-Founder Adam Padilla, their “basic, boring plastic packaging.”

Little Birds Rebrand 3

After finding that 80 percent the client’s sales were derived from their Dark Chocolate Fire Bark (using candied jalapeño), the designers turned this product into the center focus of the brand strategy and developed a much-need full brand platform dubbed “Curious Confections.” The platform was used in packaging and the creation of brand extensions including Fire Bites. Comments Padilla: “Every big brand starts out small. You have to go into a project with the biggest possible imagination for where this brand can end up. When I first designed the Pretzel Crisps brand identity, I did it with big vision in mind, and that vision became reality. Little Birds will eventually be a huge player in the candy space, and the branding reflects that at the outset. We have big things in mind for this Little Bird.”

Little Birds Rebrand 5

Little Birds Rebrand 1