Brandimage Imagines Perfume Bottle As Architectural Piece

Brandimage has design the packaging for a new perfume for men, Van Cleef & Arples in New York. As a tribute to the art deco architectural tradition of New York, where Van Cleef & Arpels has its own boutique since 1942 in the heart of Manhattan, Brandimage “imagined an encounter between the famous jeweler and the city that never sleeps. A perfume bottle designed as an architectural piece, made out of steel and glass, echoing the geometric force of Manhattan’s skyline and the inspiring ascending verticality of skyscrapers that together create this symbol of timeless elegance and urban creativity.” Brandimage describes the bottle as “a block of glass with a sleek geometrical design, circled with a steel rim. A gradient smoky grey glazing, reminiscent of the giant windows of the iconic skyline that reflect with force the lines and parallels of the intersecting streets and avenues formed by the perfect and inimitable geometry of New York. The coldness of the glass contrasts with the softness of the rubber cap.”