Building Customer Trust For Cannabis Through Strategic Branding and Packaging

The cannabis vaporizer pen market is exploding across the country at a frantic pace. The result is a wide array of package designs, many which reflect fast turn-around production and cluttered, confusing design. Bloom Farms™, however, is a company with a different vision.

Bloom Farms’ vision is to change the conversation around medical cannabis by promoting the positive and healthy lifestyle of responsible cannabis consumers. To help achieve this vision, the company wanted its product to stand out in the marketplace with a sophisticated and instantly recognizable brand image that would become the gold standard for this category.


In preparation of launching its Highlighter product, a daytime and nighttime set of medical vaporizer pens, the company recruited the branding expertise of Bay Area-based Pavement. “Bloom Farms wanted to set their brand apart in the medical marijuana market. Research showed that the market is generally producing packaging that appeals to what is considered the recreational customer. The Bloom Farms vision is to communicate professionalism and trustworthiness for a product that has a stigma attached,” said Michael Hester, Founder and Executive Creative Director at Pavement.

Hester says this project gave Pavement the unique opportunity to innovate through custom packaging and create a brand that stood out through sophistication and authenticity. “The Highlighter Set is a simple, discreet, and stylish cannabis oil vapor pen. The packaging had to signal trust to the customer. The customer base for medical marijuana often includes first-time buyers. Our aim was to design package that presented the product with confidence and pride,” said Hester.

The package design is an intricate, well-crafted structure that looks and feels formal, yet possesses a soft, natural appeal. The boxed set originally included two varieties, the daytime Sativa blend and the nighttime Indica blend. “We knew we wanted strong product differentiation through paper color, and we liked the breadth of the color range that was available in the CLASSIC CREST® Papers line from NEENAH Packaging,” said Hester. He specified CLASSIC CREST, Natural White for the Daytime blend and Epic Black for the Nighttime blend. When the Anytime blend was later added to the set, Hester went back to the CLASSIC CREST portfolio and specified Pewter.


Rather than printing, Hester said they used black foil stamping and a gentle deboss for the elegant lettering to give the package a higher production value and a more luxurious feel, adding to the idea of legitimacy and authenticity.

Hester says as a result of this strategic, custom packaging Bloom Farms has risen to top-in-class, recently being listed in an HPZ Brand Forecast as the gold standard when it comes to cannabis branding and packaging.