Bulletproof Portrays Premium Indulgence For GREEN & BLACK’S Chocolate

Mondelēz International has partnered with the New York office of Bulletproof to create a new brand identity and packaging design for its Premium Chocolate brand GREEN & BLACK’S. Launched in the UK in 1991, the brand has established a reputation for delivering quality Premium Chocolate made from organic ingredients. With a new line to launch, Bulletproof was enlisted to create a cohesive brand identity and packaging design for new Pure Dark and Pure Milk chocolate bars that would break out of the territory and promise “a taste you can believe in.” A Bulletproof official explains: “We needed to portray premium indulgence in a brand aesthetic that appeals to today’s consumer – the world of mass luxury has moved on, but seemingly chocolate has remained firmly rooted in the past.” The design solution includes use of a quality seal to communicate the level of ingredients and their ethical sourcing; imbuing the colors with more depth and meaning; placing the brand identity within a charcoal grey holding device to help it stand out; and giving the packaging a balance of nature via uncoated board and elegance through the use of foil.