Cannabeauty: It’s Not A Trend, It’s A Movement


It’s Not A Trend, It’s A Movement and Neenah Is At Forefront

Stop by any Sephora, Barneys, or Neiman Marcus, and you expect to see shelves lined with beautiful packages of beauty products, perfumes, and candles. Move in a little closer and notice the naturally packaged eye, facial and body creams, hair products, cleansers and bar soaps, serums, salves, sleep masks, and even mascara all infused with CBD (short for cannabidiol). The CBD trend has already taken off in other products such as edibles, infused beverages, capsules, oils, and topicals. The beauty benefits are still widely unknown, but brands can agree that there is an untapped cannabeauty market ready for the taking.

According to Crowdspring, “there’s mounting evidence that this historically-maligned plant may have a positive impact on conditions as wide-ranging as epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.” The allure of CBD is its perceived ability to provide medical benefits without the stigma or “high” commonly associated with THC. This ideology makes CBD a logical way to reel in new customers who might otherwise not be interested in traditional cannabis products.

Research firms, Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics say the CBD market could gather $20 billion in sales by the year 2024. With all 50 states now legally approved to sell CBD, brands are moving towards the development of CBD based products in the hopes of capitalizing on new revenue increasing opportunities. With a growing trend towards health and wellness in today’s society, consumers are embracing more holistic products, like CBD, in all parts of their life, including beauty and skincare.

Packaging Reinforces Positive Brand Relationships

In May 2019, Future Market Insights released a market report that points to how beauty based companies are winning hearts, minds, and wallets with CBD. “The report determined that revenue generated from sales of CBD skincare products is estimated value sits at over $645 million in 2019. Brands like Kiehl’s, Josie Maran, and Barney’s have all launched their lines of premium CBD skincare products aimed at capturing their current customer bases with this new trend. Consumers, however, are still wary of the uncertain perception of hemp and CBD. To change the mindset of consumers, brands will need to develop branding identities that spell out the medicinal benefits of CBD wrapped in packaging that is aesthetically natural and pleasing.


Studies have shown that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence purchasing decisions. Primarily, beauty brands marketing CBD tend to focus on packaging that is more sustainable and stands out on the shelf. Secondary packaging can lessen the stigma associated with hemp-infused products by presenting CBD beauty products subtly and with sophistication. If consumers are paying premium pricing for premium CBD products, they will want packaging that reflects the natural product within.



Innovative Hemp Fiber Papers Walk the Walk in Sustainable Beauty Packaging

Folding board papers are primarily used in secondary packaging to accentuate the natural look and feel of products. In cannabeauty, they also need to support a belief in naturalistic, holistic, and sustainable choices. For brands focused on CBD packaging, Neenah now offers folding board options containing renewable hemp fibers. Beautiful and durable, Neenah® Folding Board hemp fiber papers are available in three versatile colors, PC White Hemp, Desert Storm Hemp, and Deep Black Hemp. Neenah’s innovative hemp fiber papers offer the luxurious, organic look and texture that CBD brands are looking for, in a variety of eco-friendly option.


Brands searching for environmental options folding board papers will be pleased to find Neenah’s offering filled with color, texture, quality, strength, and sustainability. Neenah Folding Board products have long been used by the biggest brands, including CBD manufacturers, for secondary packaging long before legalization was a consideration. With an offering that includes 30-100% post-consumer and FSC Certified papers that are manufactured using 100% renewable green electricity, Neenah walks the walk on sustainability.


The CBD skincare market is at its infancy, but the growth potential for brands is undeniable. As consumers become more savvy regarding the medical benefits and healing properties of CBD infused products, the beauty market will expand exponentially to accommodate. Brands who position their products using smart, subtle, sustainable packaging combined with clear, concise messaging will win consumer trust and confidence. As an established partner in the packaging market, Neenah can help create solutions to take brands wherever their ideas lead. Read the whole story here on how to elevate your CBD packaging.