Carmex Outshines On The Shelf

The Goldstein Group (TGG) undertook the brand redesign for Carmex Multi-Symptom Cold Sore Treatment and completely reimagined the brand’s look. “Every part of the new product design, down to the exact colors, was completely thought out,” Claudia Arisso, Creative Director of The Goldstein Group said. “The design feels new, strong and medicinal yet instantly recognizable as Carmex.” Stocked among fierce competitors, the design solution had to work hard to step above the pack. When restaging the package, the brand and identity firm’s first target was its architecture. The proprietary shield design connotes strength and protection while billboarding the brand on shelf. This redesign represented a collaboration between TGG’s departments and its green initiatives — the new structure utilizes a fraction of the plastic of previous iterations and showcases innovative printing abilities, including printing on a sustainable foil. Comments Terri Goldstein, Founder and CEO: “We’ve worked with Carma Labs on other high-profile projects, but this time around we knew the design had to be as revolutionary as the formula.”