CF Napa Reimagines Lady Liberty

Good Trouble Logo and Package Design

Good Trouble came to CF Napa to create the logo and package for a new bourbon brand. The brand needed to appeal to bourbon novices as well as traditional bourbon drinkers. Inspired by the brand owner’s vision to spur social change through the brand, Good Trouble needed to honor those who bravely disrupt the status quo, and the conversations that arise from this rejection. Good Trouble also walks the walk by donating to causes that inspire greater societal change — causes that make their own good trouble.



CF Napa developed a reimagined Lady Liberty as an African American woman with the iconic torch riding a charging bull as the main graphic of Good Trouble. According to design firm head David Schuemann, she symbolizes freedom, optimism, and the taming of the beast of inequality. A GT monogram was designed to form an equality symbol and the tagline “A Spirited Conversation” was developed as the brand’s call to action. A metal coin with the logo was embedded in the T-top closure, encouraging the imbiber to transform a moment of conversation into a lasting movement.



Based in Napa Valley CA for over 45 years, CF Napa is a worldwide leaders in alcohol beverage branding. It’s philosophy is WE DRINK WITH OUR EYES® meaning, explains Schuemann, that strategic packaging design helps shape taste and perception; it is not just an aesthetic exercise, but a commercial necessity.