Chen Design Warms Chilled Coffee Lovers

To introduce a sophisticated chilled coffee, Chen Design Associates utilized abstract watercolor play inspired by the nuanced notes of single origin, estate-grown coffees. The packaging for single origin Snapchilled™ Coffees, says the design firm, “invites wonder and provides an emotional connection to the bright, fruit-forward flavors retained by Elemental Beverage Co’s patented chilling technology…” And for the client’s more exclusive coffee for connoisseurs from Ninety Plus Estates, the designers  juxtaposed the bottle’s strong lines with soft, organic shapes, while expanding the original watercolor art to express abstract notes of red wine, ripe strawberry, rose, pink lemon, opal apple, caramel, and cognac. Says Chen: “Using textured papers and a distinctive seal of the logo mark we created, the total effect exudes an irresistible human touch that speaks to the hand craft and passion poured into Elemental’s process from bean to bottle.”