Coke Tests Sleek Cans in China

Coca-Cola China is celebrating that nation’s unique local markets with a series of 23 limited-edition “sleek cans” that feature the people of China. Illustrator Noma Bar incorporates iconic cultural elements of each city to express the personality of its people, as mixed with Coca-Cola iconography. Explains Steve Llewelyn, design lead, Coca-Cola Greater China & Korea: “Digging deep into each city’s culture, we were able to capture the essence of each one: its culture, its food, its idiosyncrasies as well as its landmarks.


We personified these on each can through a seamless blend so that each city becomes a face, each one unique and surprising.” The campaign also includes a film, print, billboards and a partnership with internet giant Baidu, and an augmented reality experience that allows consumers to interact with each of the 23 city cans.