Knockout Honors Basquiat For Bombay Sapphire

Priority Is Being True To Painting

With the collective mission to inspire and enable creative self-expression, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and the Basquiat Estate have joined forces in the creation of an exclusive Special Edition bottle that pays tribute to cultural icon and artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

A defining force in the New York City art scene in the 1980s, Basquiat created a global legacy though his unique style and the social commentary behind his work, which has greatly influenced modern and contemporary art. This Special Edition showcases Untitled (L.A. Painting), considered a masterpiece and which features many key motifs that we’ve come to associate with Basquiat’s work: the bird, the coin, the skull and the artist’s signature crown.

Design agency Knockout participated in the collaboration by adapting this panoramic work of art onto the iconic gin bottle. An innovative transfer technology was used to seamlessly apply the artwork to all sides of the bottle, allowing the painting to be presented in all its glory, unconstrained by the limitations of a label. Not only does this technique produce premium quality results, but it also removes the need to use plastic shrink wrap, which aligns perfectly with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S sustainability mission. The design is finished with a bespoke i-strip and cap that features Basquiat’s signature crown.

Comments Dominic Burke, Founder and Creative Director at Knockout. “Our number one priority was in being faithful and true to Basquiat’s work, ensuring it was presented in a way that honoured and continued his legacy.”