Little Big Brands Spoons Out Fresh Food For Babies

Little Big Brands has developed branding and packaging for Little Spoon®, a new baby food offering that aims to make fresh, organically-grown, local fruits, vegetables and so-called superfoods available to a mass audience. The client’s mantra is that your baby’s food should never be older than your baby. 

Littlespoon 3

The design incorporates an identity built around the “little spoon” itself and feels warm and approachable. Each flavor features custom “food geometry” that brings life to the small container, highlighting the ingredients in a vibrant and playful manner. The packaging structure steers clear of pouches because, explains Little Brands partner Pamela Long, feeding a baby with a spoon develops vital oral and motor skills. To tackle the convenience factor, a spoon is included in the top of each lid for feeding on the go. And unlike pouches, the cup, lid and spoon are completely curbside recyclable.


“This is all about appealing to mom or dad and communicating this is real food for a little person,” adds Long. “Your child isn’t old enough at this stage to be asserting an opinion or preference on products so this brand was created with what parents want to feed their children in mind.”