Maze Reflects Complexity of Rhianna

Commission Studio has developed the identity for Fenty, a new fashion house headed by Rhianna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) in collaboration with LVMH. Creative directors David McFarline and Christopher Moorby of Commission have an extensive portfolio of luxury clients. They explain that, since Fenty is expected to sell nearly 80% online with no physical stores, it was imperative to create a sense of drama on-screen and a degree of ceremony with the package design.




Describing the logo which centers the branding, McFarline said, “The new wordmark was drawn from scratch. The distinctive letter ‘F’ with the strokes overlapping references Rihanna’s own handwriting and the reverse ‘N’ is a legacy nod to the Fenty Beauty logo. We used a special adaptation of the Grilli typeface GT America Compressed Light for the brand typeface with the ‘N’s reversed as part of the standard character set. Everything is clean and modern – specifically designed to work well on small scale devices such as phone and tablets. Across the packaging the logos were applied with gold foil and a 3D sculpted diamond emboss to give that luxe feel.”




The color and embossed ripple effect were used to have a unisex appeal as well as to make a nod toward Rhianna’s home country of Barbados. Commission also created a contemporary version of a monogram that could be used throughout the Fenty collection. Rhianna recently launched a successful Fenty Beauty line of cosmetics as well.