Meet The Neenah Environment® Mailer

New Shipping Option For Sustainably-Minded Brands

Neenah introduces their Environment Mailer, a premium unboxing experience for non-fragile soft goods and garments. Sustainable yet durable, this product is designed differently than traditional mailers, touting a proprietary protective coating for high-performance puncture and water resistance. Made from 50% post-consumer waste and 100% curbside recyclable, the Environment Mailer delivers a quality shipping option that supports sustainably-minded brands with eco-conscious customers interested in corporate responsibility initiatives.



“The Neenah Environment Mailer gives eco-friendly brands an elevated mailer option to provide a better experience with their consumers. This product offering is truly different because it has curbside recyclability and provides water and puncture resistance for protection in transit. With its smooth finish and impressive sustainability certifications printed right on the back, it is the ideal mailer for a premium, sustainable unboxing experience for products that don’t require a box or padding during shipment,” says Jennifer Dietz, Neenah’s Senior Product Manager, Sustainable Solutions.



Consumer preference has shifted toward e-commerce vs. brick-and-mortar retail environments and emphasizes sustainable options that are recyclable and reduce the amount of packaging they receive. Switching from bulky boxes to right-sized mailers also decreases the environmental impact of unnecessary packaging. The Neenah Environment Mailer is made from 50% post-consumer waste and is sustainably certified through FSC®, Green-e®, and SmartWay®. It is also blue bin recyclable, contributing to a healthy circular economy.



The Environment Mailer perfectly marries consumer-friendly packaging and sustainability in one. It holds garments with a 2.5″ gusseted bottom that expands to accommodate bulky items. This product offers a smooth, natural-looking finish with superior product protection. In addition, it’s equipped with a peel seal for secure closure and a tear strip for a seamless, stress-free opening upon delivery — sustainable without compromise.



Learn more about delivering a sustainable message in a consumer-friendly package using the Neenah Environment Mailer.