Neenah Debuts Customizable Sustainable Mailer



Neenah has introduced a customizable rendition of its sustainable NEENAH ENVIRONMENT® Mailer. The new durable, paper-based mailer is intended for non-fragile soft goods, textiles, and apparel.

Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), the mailer features a coated bright white or natural color base paper and the capability to print up to five colors, including varnishes. Additional features include a patent-pending puncture- and water-resistant coating, luxurious smooth finish, expandable gusseted bottom, peel-and-stick sealing, and user-friendly tear strip. Made with 50% post-consumer waste, it’s certified sustainable and verified blue-bin, curbside recyclable. In addition, the mailer carries FSC®, Green-E®, and SmartWay® certifications.


“The customizable version of our Neenah Environment Mailer is the first of its kind. Like our existing ready-to-ship mailer, it presents a new option to brands seeking premium, sustainable, branded packaging that provides an elevated customer unboxing experience, starting right at the doorstep,” says Kristen Duncan, Neenah’s Product Manager of Sustainable Solutions.

Neenah’s extensive research with supply chain experts and third-party logistic companies was an integral part of product development. “For sustainably minded companies with strict efficiency objectives for pick, pack, and ship processes, the customizable Neenah Environment Mailer is designed to improve packing speed, with built-in features including a gusseted expandable base for bulky items, open side orientation, and peel-and-seal for simple, fast, secure closure,” Duncan continued. “In addition, offering three sizes plus a return tab significantly decreases the environmental impact of unnecessary, non-recyclable packaging, while providing efficient warehouse storage and increasing product transportation capabilities.”