Pick Your Pepper Custom Labels Encourage Self-Expression

Dr Pepper has launched a Pick Your Pepper campaign, described as “an experience of self-expression involving the nationwide distribution of hundreds of new, limited edition, custom printed Dr Pepper 20-ounce bottles.” Backed by a broad  digital, social, radio and instore campaign, the initiative intends to put the spotlight on individuality, encouraging consumers to choose a label that speaks to them. The Pick Your Pepper custom label bottles mark the first time that the brand has shifted from the traditional trademark labeling to create a bespoke experience. Leveraging digital technology in which text, graphics and images can be changed from one printed piece to the next in mass quantity, every case delivered by bottlers to retailers will be unique.


Comments Derek Dabrowski, senior director, marketing for Dr Pepper: “The Pick Your Pepper labels and campaign are an exciting new program for Dr Pepper that allows us to further tap into millennials’ passion for nostalgia and self-expression by creating a variety of unique labels and immersive online, digital and social extensions, we invite our fans to celebrate their individuality and find a label that best fits their personality, mood or passion.” Fans are encouraged to explore a Hall of Labels and DIY their own #pickyourpepper GIF on the website. Consumers can  use the label artwork to create and share 4,000 possible GIF combinations. Media programs include a partnership with Tinder leveraging their new influencer program Tinder Polls feature.