Real Good Gum Package Promises Gunk-Free Treat

Noting that the vast majority of gum actually contains petrochemicals as an ingredient, The Butler Bros of Austin TX positioned Real Good Gum as a wild-harvested, petrochemical-free gum to grab attention from kids and respect from parents.  


To appeal directly to kids, who generally don’t care about such things, and to concerned parents looking for cleaner options, the design firm helped develop an identity, packaging and messaging that combines a vibrant color palette, playful copy, and a series of rainforest inspired illustrations to give Real Good crossover appeal. The tagline ‘always gunk free’ was seen as an informative but low-key way to start the conversation.



In addition to custom illustrations for each flavor, the firm also made each flavor name a play on a familiar greeting. The logo is drawn by hand to reinforce the organic nature of the product, while the website is heavy on information but still whimsical and social media borrows from the packaging and site artwork.