Sabra Ingredients Shine In Logo and Package Redesign

 Sabra, with a 60% hummus market share in America and other popular plant-based dips, has unveiled a new look and feel for the complete product line. The initiative includes an updated logo, restyled label design and original on-pack photography. Eugenio Perrier, Chief Marketing Officer, explains: “Our approach was in no small part directed by consumers — rebranding is in effect, an exercise in listening. We are in an era of real food. Consumers care more about the quality of ingredients and the innate healthfulness of what we eat. Increasingly, people are prioritizing plant-based nourishment, so as makers of an original plant-based food, and as category leader, Sabra recognized it was time to let the ingredients shine.”


Branding and design firm Beardwood&Co. worked with Sabra’s inhouse team on the new creative elements. Among the changes: a new Sabra word mark customized to keep the playful “musicality” of the previous version while prompting a bolder impression; a reimagined Sabra sun illustrated as a chickpea heart surrounded by 5 sesame seed rays to symbolize the warmth of the Mediterranean and of sharing; reorientation of the top label from horizontal to vertical which guides the eye to the new logo, then to flavor, ingredients and finally to the transparent view of the product that Sabra pioneered with its clear-window packaging; a cleaner side label with bold fonts and brighter colors that incorporate color-coded flavor differentiation; and a distinctive photographic approach that features sunlit ingredients atop a wooden cutting board to underscore a kitchen-fresh approach to preparation and product development.



Finally, notes Julia Beardwood, the design harmonizes the look and feel of two brands — outside North America the products are branded as Obela — by emphasizing the chickpea sun logo and evolving a unified packaging system across categories.