SCS Gives Nirvana A SUPER Identity

Nirvana Water Sciences has undergone a rebranding and packaging redesign to stand out in the competitive functional water market. The brand, known for its “secret” ingredient that amplifies muscle growth, enlisted SCS to create a new identity and packaging for its products ahead of their launch at the recent Natural Products Expo West.

The hero ingredient is HMB, a naturally occurring molecule that is reported to help build lean muscle mass. While “Nirvana Water Sciences” carried an air of peer-reviewed authority, Nirvana SUPER™ conveyed how customers felt enjoying the performance enabled by their formula. Along with the name change, the range of  flavors and products received packaging intended to reflect their SUPER identity. From tiny shot containers to seltzer cans, SCS created a rainbow of gradient colorways to match vibrant flavors like cucumber lime and strawberry basil lemonade.

As the largest global trade show for health products, Natural Products Expo West was the launchpad for Nirvana’s new look and message. SCS collaborated with Nirvana on a booth paneled in rainbow colors that aligned with the product offerings and attention-grabbing new copy. Passerbys were welcome to stop, sip, and take a selfie displayed on the wall of SUPER and gave them a chance to win a custom bobblehead. These activations transformed Nirvana’s visual identity into an interactive experience for newcomers.

Credits at Nirvana Water Sciences go to CEO David Vanderveen and CMO Leila Khoury. At SCS, credits go to:  CEO James Schiefer, CSO Jeff Roach, CCO John Zegowitz, SVP, Client Services Tommy Campagne, Director, Client Services Aaron Gaspar, Graphic Designer Suzy An, Sr. Art Director Tim Auerbach, Creative Director Ryan Simonson, Design Studio Director Vu Dang and Director, and Project Management Lauren Harvey.